2008 MODELS: X3D-UML: 3D UML State Machine Diagrams

Paul McIntosh, Margaret Hamilton, Ron van Schyndel

Status: Published


Note: 5.2MB pdf may not open through some pdf readers. Try the Low Resolution Copy official SpringerLink version

Note 2: This paper received the Best Paper Award at RMIT's Computer Science and I.T. Research Students Conference 2008

Example X3D-UML State Machine Diagram

Attached is an example 3D UML State Machine as demostrated at MODELS'08. This is one state machine from a tutorial model provided with RoseRT. In reality this is quite a small state machine, commercial models can have as many as 19 diagrams in one state machine.


Installing X3D Browser

To use the attached X3D-UML file

To install the viewer go to the following link and follow the instructions for BS Contact 7.1

Note: BS Contact only works for Windows. For other OS's try Octaga or other browsers from the Web3D list

Using the X3D Browser

You can view the file by saving it locally and opening it in just the viewer or drag+dropping it into a webbrowser (to open it via the plugin ).

The browser is a full VR browser with various features available by right-clicking anywhere on the scene. The following actions provide the easiest way to view and navigate the scene from default "Examine" mode:

  • <esc> key : Position entire scene in view
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel : zoom in and out
  • Mouse Left-click drag : Rotate scene left/right + up/down
  • Click and hold on state machine diagrams to reposition them
  • "File -> Save State As... to save your layout
  • "Shift" mouse click to shrink/expand state machine branches
  • F5 to reload scene