Technical Reports

This page contains non-published information, cited by published works.

X3D-UML: 3D UML State Machine Diagrams Evaluation Methodology

Abstract: This technical report presents detail of the evaluation methodology used for researching the use of 3D for UML state machine diagrams. The methodology is derived from a user centred design approach called “Sequential Evaluation”, which has been applied in the past to immersive virtual reality environments. This technical report first provides background into 3D for UML, then background into 3D for UML state machine diagrams and then how “Sequential Evaluation” can be applied to evaluating 3D UML state machine diagrams. This technical report does not contain results of user studies but uses information available with the UML toolset under test to demonstrate application of the evaluation methodology. The results shown are only “indicative” i.e. they indicate the types of results that can be produced through the “Sequential Evaluation”. Actual user study based results of the application of this methodology are to be published in MODELS’08. This report builds on previous research, coined X3D-UML, where UML (Unified Modelling Language) is extended through X3D (eXtensible 3D) to create a standards based approach to 3D software visualisation.