YouTube Examples

Low resolution examples captured using Windows Media (actual X3D is much more fluid and clear).

Helloworld - Single Class 3D UML Visualisation

A single class in 3D, generated from a single Java class file. This shows UML is X3D is possible.

Java3D - Complete System 3D UML Visualisation

A complete software system (Java3D) in 3D, generated from a open source project. This shows UML in X3D is possible for a typical software system.

Trafficlight - State Machine 3D UML Visualisation

A 3D UML state machine diagram using data extracted from RoseRT via script. This shows that "useful" 3D UML is possible, though the usefulness is not yet tested.

Trafficlight - Refined State Machine 3D UML Visualisation

A 3D UML state machine diagram that has been refined as a result of user task analysis and heuristic evaluation (a design review by experts in UML state machines). The 3D is now generated through a library that is based on the UML Diagram Interchange specification. This shows that 3D UML can be applied and refined to actual user tasks and provides qualitative evidence of benefit. More refinements will happen as a result of formative evaluation (user walk throughs), followed by user tests.

Augmented Reality - 3D UML + Hardware

This shows a proof of concept that once UML is in a 3D environment, views of the software (though 3D UML diagrams) can be integrated with views of the hardware. This video shows a state machine diagram overlayed on a embedded processor. The state machine is saved as VRML and overlayed using ARToolkit.

3D UML Mechatronic Diagrams

This shows an extension to the proof of concept where we can view software and hardware interacting in the same view.