1987 Technical Officer/Telecommunications/New Zealand

, which involved on the job training and completion of Auckland Technical Institute block courses in Telecommunications. During my time with Telecom I have worked in 3 main areas.

Exchange Maintenance: Maintaining local exchanges Step by Step, Crossbar and NEAX61E. I was involved with most duties associated with operating a local exchange - fault finding, connection/disconnection of subscribers through wiring and office data, routine maintenance tasks and local equipment installation.

Exchange Installation: I was involved in all aspects of NEAX61E installation from rack mounting through power/data cabling to final commissioning. This installation also included associated exchange equipment - alarms, test equipment etc.

Transmission Installation: Complete installation of transmission stations from seismic frame construction through to commissioning of STC VMUX and Fuji FOTS equipment. I have worked with STC MUX equipment from Subs PCM through to 34M and Fuji 140/565. Other work involved was transmission links for the 1990 Commonwealth Games Media centre, and transmission rearrangements and commissioning.