1992 Technical Officer/Telecommunications/New Zealand

Contract Technical Officer in the Telecom - New Zealand International Operations Centre, monitoring and improving the quality of C5, C6 and C7 international telecommunications links through the use of various automatic and manual test equipment.

Equipment used is as follows:

ATME (NEC and AT&T Sentry), Telstra Telephone Call Quality Monitor, INET Signalling Analyser, NEC Service Test Console, NEC Service Observation Console, Data Line Analysers, PCM Analysers - Marconi, Elmi, WG PA20, BTI Digital Circuit Occupancy Analysers

I was involved with most aspects associated with international transmission and switching including working with overseas administrations. The equipment I was involved with follows:

NEAX 61E Gateway exchanges, ECI DTX 240 DCME's, OKI LRE, Digital Cross-connect Switch, STC VMUX, Telabs and Telesystems Echo Cancellers, SUN Network Management System