2008 PhD Candidate/3D UML Software Modelling/RMIT Australia

See Research www.x3d-uml.org Youtube Examples

Full-time Computer Science PhD Scholarship X3D-UML: User-Centred Design, Implementation and Evaluation of 3D UML Using X3D

Practical Skills gained/enhanced are as follows:

  • Research Methods
  • 3D development using C++ OpenSceneGraph + ActiveX
  • 3D development using X3D and C#
  • 3D development using augmented reality and animated 3D statecharts
  • Application on 3D visualisation to real-time software modelling
  • Integration of complex ideas
  • User Interaction and Useability techniques
  • Technical Writing
  • Presenting at International Conferences
  • Research Collaboration

Academic Results:

The following are the papers published to date as a result of this research

X3D-UML: Enabling Advanced UML Visualisation Through X3D.

3D UML Heuristic Challenge.

X3D-UML: 3D UML State Machine Diagrams.*

Eclipse GEF3D: Bringing 3D to Existing 2D Editors.

*This paper was also awarded best paper at the annual RMIT student conference

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