Career Path

Principle Engineer in Research and Development Systems and Software

My passion lies in the application of advanced computer automation to improve productivity and usability of software and systems in R&D environments. In this area I have a special interest in software/system visualisation and modelling, with a particular focus on complex distributed real-time systems.


  • 25+ Years Software/Hardware Experience in Australia (Sydney/Melbourne), United Kingdom, Belgium and New Zealand
  • Experience across broad range of Engineering Disciplines – Research, Development, Infrastructure Management, Embedded Development Tools Support, Systems/Software Integration, Software Design, Production + Test, Quality Assurance, Equipment Installation, Maintenance
  • Experience across broad range of industries – Research, Defence, Telecommunications, Commercial Software, Product Development in both Software + Hardware disciplines
  • Experience across broad range of platforms and technologies – HPC, GPU, Qt4, 3D OpenSceneGraph, X3D, UML, IBM Rational, C#, C/C++, Java, Ada, Perl, Chill, Assembler, Distributed Systems, Web, Unix, Linux, Vax, Windows, Windows CE, VME, x86
  • I enjoy my work


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